thresher cam

Start Fishing Smarter With Expert Eyes On Your Catch

ThresherCam is a battery-operated, highly-ruggedized autonomous video and data recording system designed for use in the commercial fishing and fisheries science industries. Sophisticated, yet easy to use, this robust deepwater camera is capable of collecting both video and data, and keeping it safe under the most demanding conditions.

ThresherCam Gets Right into the Action

With depleting fish stocks and increased regulation around the world, knowing how your equipment operates underwater is imperative. That's why commercial fishermen and marine fisheries scientists from North America and around the globe count on the most reliable observation and data collection tool available today.

Simplicity, durability and versatility are the hallmarks of ThresherCam. It has no moving parts and a unique mil spec recording system that can reliably withstand intense vibration, shock and cold while being dragged through the water over the roughest terrain. It has been successfully used by the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), National Marine Fisheries (NMFS) and other organizatons for in situ video and data collection of everything from scallop dredges to seine nets.

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ThresherCam consists of a small stainless steel standard definition camera head with a separate power and recording bottle. Operation is simple.

For commercial fishermen and fisheries scientists, Threshercam greatly minimizes by-catch and helps design more efficient, productive gear.

Most installations have a small camera head (1.5”x3”) mounted near the action, with the recording bottle mounted nearby. Flexible configurations available.

ThresherCam is available for rent or purchase. Quotes are based on your particular commercial fishing or fisheries science needs. Contact us now.

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